My Favorite SID Tunes by Drax

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In Spite Of
2006 Recollection SOASC

Introduction to Crack
2013 Vibrants

1992 Vibrants SOASC

Jazz Cat
2009 Onslaught / Wrath Designs

Remix: Click

1990 Vibrants SOASC

1991-92 Vibrants SOASC
Unfinished work tune. This was composed in a quick player (i.e. called more than 50 times per second).

Kick Assembler Easter Egg (Remix)
2007 Camelot SOASC
This was a tune hidden inside Kick Assembler. The length of the original tune was 2:34.

King Tut
1989 Vibrants SOASC
From Drax’s earlier period.

1989 Vibrants SOASC

1993 Vibrants SOASC
Unfinished work tune. Conversion of “Katyusha” by Matvei Blanter.

Lady Arabica
2009 Onslaught / Wrath Designs

Left Behind
2005 Maniacs of Noise

Level 42
1991-92 Vibrants SOASC
Unfinished work tune. Conversion of “Running In The Family” by Level 42.

1990 Vibrants SOASC

Lost Inside a Dream
2005 Maniacs of Noise SOASC

Madam Moustache
2005 Maniacs of Noise

Middle Age
1990 Vibrants SOASC

Moments of Everydayness
2005 Maniacs of Noise

1996 Vibrants SOASC

2013 Camelot

Mr. Malone
1991-92 Vibrants SOASC

Natural Cause of Death
2004 Maniacs of Noise
This tune won The SID Compo IV in 2004, held at the web site.

The Neckbanger
2006 Maniacs of Noise

Omonitarisulis (Tune #1)
1990 Vibrants SOASC

2004 Maniacs of Noise SOASC

1990 Vibrants SOASC

Peppi’s Pop
1990 Vibrants SOASC

The Phoenix Code (Tune #7)
2016 Bonzai

The Phoenix Code (Tune #8)
2016 Bonzai

1990 Vibrants

1989 Vibrants SOASC
The first 20 seconds is the hiscore tune from the arcade game Ghosts ‘n Goblins by Ayako Mori.

1994 Vibrants

2016 Onslaught / Offence

Prince of Darkness (Ingame)
1990 Vibrants SOASC
Prince of Darkness was inspired by Ghosts ‘n Goblins, featuring extras such as a shop to buy new weapons. It had hi-res scrolling and sprite multiplexers, but it was never finished.

2005 Brutal

1994 Vibrants SOASC

2000 Maniacs of Noise SOASC

2006 Maniacs of Noise

Resolution (Extended Version)
2010 Maniacs of Noise SOASC
Note that the SOASC version plays the original from 2006 with a length of 1:41.

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4 comments on “My Favorite SID Tunes by Drax

  1. Disco Zax, Overlame, Boneless, heard those in so many demos in the very early 90s, DRAX seemed to rule the demo scene back then 🙂 He was so insanely productive !!!! … well yeah, i’m a big fan of DRAX, more recently, i liked Resolution and Gemini .. Thomas is really the kind of awesome melodies.

    Interesting to hear the analog pops in his Thaw tune … that 6581 DC offset modulated by the envelope, i love it 🙂

  2. No heart for Pretence? It’s so freaking beautiful. Drax at his bittersweet best. 🙂

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