The Later AdLib Music by Vibrants

This blog post contains the later AdLib music from 1993-94 by Thomas Mogensen, Jesper Olsen, Torben Hansen and Morten Sigaard Kristensen. Most of it was composed in EdLib, an editor I wrote that used the same track editing system as my Commodore 64 editor.

EdLib (Editing)EdLib (Instruments)

In addition to composing a few test tunes in EdLib, Jesper Olsen also wrote his very own AdLib player and composed tunes for it in an assembler listing. These tunes are also included below.

You won’t need an emulator plugin to play the tunes – they have all been saved as MP3 for easy listening.

Thomas Mogensen (Drax)

Jesper Olsen (JO) in EdLib

Jesper Olsen (JO) in his own AdLib player

Torben Hansen (Metal)

Morten Sigaard Kristensen (MSK)

Most of the AdLib tunes have been saved as MP3 using the Ganbatte! .D00 Player plugin v1.1 for XMPlay 3.8.2 with the LAME encoder installed and then normalized in Audacity. A few here and there have been recorded in DOSBox. The MP3 files for JO’s own AdLib player were taken from the defunct Vibrants web site.

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  1. Great! So many songs I only knew as C64 versions, like “Supernova” and “Flash” (aka “Why not (why me)”) and “Breaking Wind” and “Street Wise”, thank you so much!

  2. Thank you for the files. I was looking for these FM masterpieces recently, and now I can get them all without installing emulators!

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