SID Factory II

SID Factory II is a cross-platform editor for composing music that will work on a Commodore 64. It uses the reSID emulator and is currently in open BETA. Here you can find the latest builds for downloading.

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SID Factory II build 20200911

The main features of this build are a help overlay (use F12), color schemes (browse these with Ctrl+F7) and driver update 11.02 with commands for pulse program index, tempo change and main volume.

Also, SID Factory II is now for the first time on GitHub.

Version Download
SID Factory II for Windows
SID Factory II for macOS SIDFactoryII_macOS_20200911.ebb5f96.dmg
SID Factory II for Linux

Please refer to the GitHub page for the full list of changes as well as the source codes.

SID Factory II build 20200718

This is a service update that fixes a few issues in the latest main build.

Version Download
SID Factory II for Windows
SID Factory II for macOS SIDFactoryII_macOS_20200718.223.dmg
SID Factory II source codes

Groepaz from the VICE team also compiled a version for Linux. We haven’t tested this ourselves and thus we can’t promise that it will work without any major issues:

Note: The Linux build will also need the sub folders from the Windows version.

List of changes

  • A dialog box is now shown if either saving or entering a folder fails
  • Added the latest version of SDL2 to the macOS package
  • Fixed macOS crash bug when trying to open a folder that you had declined in a system dialog
  • Fixed crashing when trying to display unknown characters (typically in a disk menu)
  • Fixed Caps Lock note preview not working properly
  • Fixed note preview sometimes behaving inconsistently
  • Fixed left/right blindness in user manual

SID Factory II build 20200716

The main feature of this build is descriptions for commands and instruments.

Just hit Enter to edit a description in each of these tables.

The new build also includes updated versions of the user manual, the overlay, and the GT2/MOD converter. And as a first, SID Factory II is now also available on macOS – maintained by Michel de Bree.

Version Download
SID Factory II for Windows
SID Factory II for macOS SIDFactoryII_macOS_20200716.dmg

List of changes

  • Added description labels in the command and instrument tables
  • All drivers have been updated with meta data for the new descriptions capability
  • Also updated all the demo songs with command and instrument descriptions
  • Updated the converter to copy instrument descriptions from GT2 and MOD files
  • Changed hotkey for bit editing in tables to Shift+Enter because of descriptions now using Enter
  • Improved the table layout handling to allow for vertically tiled tables
  • All tables can now be accessed with Alt+[letter] (the letter is highlighted in the table name)
  • Ctrl+U now toggles between lower and upper case letters for all hexadecimal values
  • You can now drag-and-drop an SF2 source file directly into the editor
  • Added an exit application confirmation dialog
  • All file lists now include a .. line for browsing back to the parent folder
  • Upgraded the ReSID emulation (resid-fp)
  • Changed the application caption text (filename now comes first)
  • Debug functionality added for examining ReSID output
  • Fixed a threading issue that could cause instability in the ReSID emulation
  • Fixed inserting/deleting rows in sequences not being reflected in the orderlist overview


The file converter is normally included in the latest build of SID Factory II itself. However, here you can find standalone downloads that has been released in between scheduled builds.

Extract the file converter into the same folder where the executable for SID Factory II is located. Open a command box and type sf2converter for info about running it.

See the text file in the archive for a list of the latest notes and changes.

Build 20200724 20200726

This is the official build of the converter with support for CT files from CheeseCutter, in addition to SNG files from GoatTracker 2 and 4-channel “Amiga” MOD files.

Download it here:

Build 20200711

This is the official build of the converter with support for SNG files from GoatTracker 2.

Download it here:      A later build of SF2 now has a newer version

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