JCH’s Comeback SID tunes

Here are the SID tunes I’ve created since my comeback in 2017, converted to MP3 for easy listening. All SID tunes in this period of time were composed for the 8580 SID chip only.

Question: SID? What's that?

SID is an acronym for “Sound Interface Device” and was the name of the sound chip in the Commodore 64, a home computer that was very popular back in the 80’s and 90’s.

The SID Chip
The original 6581 SID chip was created in 1982.

The SID chip was really ahead of its time. Although it only had 3 voices, it offered oscillators of 8 octaves, ADSR, four waveforms, pulse width modulation, multi mode filtering, ring mod, and hard sync. It really was like a tiny synthesizer, and you could even make it play digi samples along with the SID voices.

The 8580 SID chip was released in 1987 and offered improved filtering, more combined waveforms and less clicking. Unfortunately this also meant that many digi tunes were almost inaudible on it.

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  1. Hey, do you still happen to have Metal’s tunes around, especially FT2 and digital? They introduced me to so many kinds of electronic music years ago, but unfortunately I lost all my downloads from the old Vibrants website in a hard drive failure…

  2. OMG JCH !, My respects from Argentina and congratulations for all what you and Vibrants members did for the 80s/90s scene. in the 90s i was coder/cracker for some groups. Allways chose Vibrants music for my intros. THE BEST! I feel comforted in being able to thank you NOW. At that time (80s/90s) it was harder to meet.

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