My Amiga MOD Music

I never made much in the line of the original MOD files on Amiga. When the first SoundTracker emerged on Amiga, I made five awful tunes in 1987. And in 1993, I made two short test tunes while developing my MOD player on PC. I’ve posted these seven MOD files here more out of curiosity and laughs as there’s not a lot to be impressed about musically.

As always, the MOD files have been saved as MP3 for easy listening.


I started making (poor) music in Aegis Sonix and also developed my OldPlayer on C64 in 1987. Then SoundTracker was released on Amiga. I immediately got curious and created these five tunes in it. It gave me the first ideas for the music editor I would start making on C64 a few years later.

The first four tunes all used ST-01 samples only while the fifth one used samples from both ST-01 and ST-02. The third tune, Darkness IV, was also converted to OldPlayer on C64 using the same cumbersome system of writing down copious notes on paper as I did with my Aegis Sonix tunes.


In 1993, I was working on a MOD player on PC that would later be merged into FairPlay, the player that used my 640×480 GUI in DOS mode. I had a long range of test tunes from various composers to test out rare commands, but I also created two test tunes myself. Both are very short, just a few seconds.

The first delay test tune had a command for pausing the tune for a second of two, as if the computer crashed and the tones just continued. I removed this command so that it plays out normally here.

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