FastTracker II Music by Drax

Thomas Mogensen, known as Drax in the European C64 demo scene, was known for his many excellent SID tunes there, but he also made more than 180 FastTracker II tunes from 1995 to 2003.

FastTracker II was a popular DOS tracker in the 90’s that used the proprietary XM file format. It employed samples as instruments, played with alphanumeric notes in patterns of typically 64 rows each. Up to 32 channels were possible. I have converted the original XM music to stereo MP3 for easy listening here.

3 Monkeys – 1 Beer!
June 1997 Maniacs of Noise

December 1997 Maniacs of Noise
A short sine waveform tune.

A Different Existence
June 2002 Maniacs of Noise

A Forgotten Farewell
November 2002 Maniacs of Noise
This song is dedicated to Drax’s grandmother.

A Rose of Gold
October 1999 Maniacs of Noise

April 1998 Maniacs of Noise

June 1996 Vibrants

September 1996 Vibrants

Anal Catharsis
November 1998 Vibrants

September 2000 Maniacs of Noise

Angel Lies
October 1998 Maniacs of Noise

Asymptotic World
January 1997 Vibrants

October 1997 Maniacs of Noise

Authentic Moments
August 2002 Maniacs of Noise

Back 2 B4 Tomorrow / Revival II
February 2000 Vibrants / Maniacs of Noise

Back of Beyond
April 1997 Vibrants
Participated in the music competition Cruelization 10.

October 1998 Drax and Mazedude
Cooperation between Mazedude and Drax.

Bad Habits
May 1997 Vibrants

Baked Beams
2001 Maniacs of Noise

Barbiecute Monkey (3 Monkeys 1 Beer II)
June 2001 Maniacs of Noise
This is a bigger version of the tune from the “Ouch II” music disk (see page 3).

Bill’s Bounty Bar
April 1997 Vibrants
Cooperation between Laxity and Drax. Made for the music competition Cruelization 10.

Boat on the Road / The Second Fix / The Fix II
March 2000 Maniacs of Noise

Building Up and Down
April 2000 Maniacs of Noise / Vibrants

Burning Bridges
May 2003 Maniacs of Noise

Cape Horn
July 2002 Maniacs of Noise

May 1997 Maniacs of Noise
Participated in the music competition Cruelization 11.

Childhood Memories
August 2000 Maniacs of Noise
Conversion of “Taagen Letter” by Carl Nielsen.

Christmas Day
December 2001 Maniacs of Noise

Christmas Memories
December 2000 Maniacs of Noise

Circular Thoughts
March 1999 Vibrants

Civil War
May 1997 Maniacs of Noise
Participated in the music competition Cruelization 11. This was also Drax’s first release in FastTracker II for Maniacs of Noise.

January 1999 Vibrants / Maniacs of Noise

May 1997 Analogue / Vibrants

Death Wishing Well
May 2003 Maniacs of Noise

The Depth of Eternity
November 2000 Maniacs of Noise

June 1996 Vibrants

Dream Spoiler
January 1997 Vibrants
With musical assistance by Laxity.

Drunk Diving
October 1999 Maniacs of Noise

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