FastTracker II Music by Drax

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April 1998 Vibrants

February 1997 Vibrants
Participated in the music competition Cruelization 8.

Platonic Attitude
1996 Vibrants

September 1996 Vibrants

March 1998 Maniacs of Noise
Dedicated to Drax’s brother, Ole Mogensen.

January 1997 Vibrants

Psychotic Surrender
February 2000 Maniacs of Noise

PuZzle Playstation (Ambient Techno)
1998 Vibrants
These six tunes were originally composed for a puzzle game on the Playstation, but it wasn’t finished.

PuZzle Playstation (Groovy Untight Funk)
January 1998 Vibrants
“You won’t find much lead melody in the modules as they are all in-game background tracks. The lead was left out on purpose so it wouldn’t annoy the player.” – Drax

PuZzle Playstation (Industrial)
January 1998 Vibrants

PuZzle Playstation (Spacy Industrial)
February 1998 Vibrants

PuZzle Playstation (Spooky Jungle)
1998 Vibrants

PuZzle Playstation (Tight Funk)
February 1998 Vibrants

The Quest
December 1997 Maniacs of Noise
Made for the music competition at The Party 1997, but it wasn’t played. Big mistake on their part.

Question of Guilt
June 1997 Maniacs of Noise
Inspired by (and dedicated to) Jeroen Tel.

June 1997 Maniacs of Noise

Reasonable Doubts
March 2000 Vibrants / Maniacs of Noise

July 2000 Maniacs of Noise
The part from 1:47-3:19 was inspired by the C64 tune “Eliminator, Tune #2” by Jeroen Tel.

Repeating Patterns
February 1999 Vibrants

October 1996 Vibrants

Rest Room Ballad
February 1997 Vibrants

Revival / Simplicity
August 1998 Maniacs of Noise

Rise and Shine
1995 Thomas Mogensen

Rocky North
2000 Maniacs of Noise / Vibrants
Cooperation between NagZ and Drax.

Rubicon Title
January 1999 Maniacs of Noise
Remix of the C64 title tune from Rubicon by Jeroen Tel.

August 1998 Maniacs of Noise

Sense of Darkness
December 1998 Maniacs of Noise
Composed in cooperation with Drax’s brother, Ole Mogensen.

Shit Happens
September 1998 Maniacs of Noise

September 1996 Vibrants

Simple Souls
1995 Vibrants

May 2000 Maniacs of Noise

Space Circus
June 1999 Maniacs of Noise

Space Whale
October 2002 Maniacs of Noise

Subfacial / Happy Eighties
January 2002 Maniacs of Noise

February 2003 Vibrants

April 1999 Vibrants

Sui Generis
June 2000 Maniacs of Noise

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