Rift: Idea for Mounts

I too have been pretty annoyed by the fact that low-level mobs can one- or two-shot me off my 60% mount in Rift. I then read a few complaints at the official forum to see if this improves with faster mounts. Supposedly the 60% is deliberately fragile and the faster ones can take a beating. I’m not sure yet, however. Some claim it’s exactly the same (which is not acceptable) while others claim it does indeed get a lot better. Guess I’ll have to see myself when I get them.

Nevertheless, it got me thinking and I have an idea I actually think is pretty good if I may say so myself. One of the points of being pummeled and thrown off the mount is to make sure the players actually use the roads. Fair enough. Here is what I propose then:

All roads in the zones automatically give you a temporary buff when you enter one. The buff makes your mount a lot sturdier while riding on the road (it gets more “confident” because of the clear view of the road). While on the road, enemies will have a harder time throwing you off. As soon as you leave the road to ride through an enemy territory, the temporary buff is gone.

I also posted a suggestion thread at the official forums about this.

2 comments on “Rift: Idea for Mounts

  1. Why not add a speed buff to road while you’re at it; easier for mounts to move on flat, well made roads. Maybe just a little increase, but every little bit helps. On the subject of mounts, I wonder if Tirion took a lesson from Blizzard and made their world “flight friendly” from start, just in case they at some point decide flying is the way to go….

  2. Funny you mentioned the speed buff, I was actually thinking about that too. And you’re right, it would probably have to be small. 5% or less.

    Btw, I was amazed at the speed of which the thread I created at the official forums was scooped away to later pages. It was like throwing a piece of wood into a raging river.

    I agree about the 3D engine being ready for flying mounts; I even mentioned it in this blog post (second paragraph).

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