My Predictions

This is a mixture of my viewpoints and predictions put into a table where I can later state TRUE or FALSE, should some actually be answered. However, many are of a nature that probably won’t be answered in my lifetime (maybe even never) but it’s fun to make these lists anyway. Also, you’re welcome to discuss one or more of my predictions in the comments – as long as you’re being decent, of course.

I may add more rows and blog post links in this table over time.

Added Prediction Verdict
2020-03-04 Dark matter is not a particle – it either doesn’t exist or it is something else
2020-03-04 Physical time travel into the past is entirely impossible
2020-03-04 There something fundamentally wrong about the big bang theory
2020-03-04 Dark energy is time (or it doesn’t exist)
2020-03-04 Some celebrities are not dead – they’ve just made use of a top secret retirement plan
2020-03-04 One day it will be possible to see into the past at any X, Y, Z coordinate and exact moment
2020-03-04 Area 51 have top secret stuff but never had anything remotely extra terrestrial
2020-03-04 John F. Kennedy was indeed shot by Lee Harvey Oswald but there was no secret agenda
2020-03-04 Although simple life exists in our galaxy we are the only intelligent life so far
2020-03-04 Intelligent life is so rare that most galaxies doesn’t even have any
2020-03-04 Simple life is reasonably prevalent in most galaxies
2020-09-15 The recent detection of phosphine in the atmosphere of Venus is not life TRUE
2020-03-04 There is no life in our solar system outside our own planet
2020-03-04 Death probably leads to quantum reincarnation
2020-03-04 String theory is not it
2020-03-04 There is no multiverse – this is the only universe in existence
2020-03-04 It’s a never ending string of big bangs and each have different cosmological constants
2020-03-04 If this is a simulation then we may be the only intelligent life in the universe
2020-03-04 We really do have genuine free will
2020-03-04 AI will one day reach a creative singularity where they are better at it than we are
2020-03-04 Betelgeuse will not go supernova in my lifetime TRUE
2020-03-04 Yellowstone will not erupt in my lifetime
2020-03-04 Earth will not be hit by a big asteroid in my lifetime
2020-03-04 If this is a simulation then there may be game masters bound to us
2020-03-25 The James Watt telescope (or its rocket) will fail and thus never return any images to us FALSE

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