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Gizmodo recently posted an article about 500 top technologists and Elon Musk demanding an immediate pause of advanced AI systems.

I really liked this part of Snory’s comment to that post:

Let’s see a show of hands for everyone fearing for the future of their careers. I think AI will be a double edged sword for humanity, it will improve the average person’s lives immeasurably, but it will also take the fun out of so many creative and technical hobbies and professions, to the point of stripping away meaning and purpose for many people.

I’ve written about this topic in 2018, but I’ve been thinking the same thing again during these weeks of AI announcements. I think it’s absolutely going to be that bad. Almost no kind of human creativity will be safe.

Not even composing SID music.

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  1. As a composer, artist and photographer, I find this intrusion of AI to be deeply disturbing. It’s an evil mix of “we will steal all of your ideas and concepts and give you no credit or compensation” and “we will make you redundant, whilst churning out the same cultivated drivel”.

    Oh, wait – that’s already happening.

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