American McGee’s Grimm

Developer: Spicy Horse | Released: 2014 | Genre: 3PS

Ever wondered what it would be like if a game had the classic fog of war mechanic as its primary gameplay element? Changing the state of the levels just by walking around in them?

This game was pretty much like that.

I only played the first episode, “A Boy Learns What Fear Is” – and it seems the game is no longer available at the Steam store. It took about 1.3 hours to get through the six scenes of this first episode.

The goal was to walk around in small arenas, changing the state of everything from clean-and-beautiful to dark-and-smelly. Sometimes I also had to buttstomp close to a e.g. building to change it or open access to the next arena. The character in control looked and sounded like a dirty little pirate. Whenever I stopped running, he immediately started peeing. No exceptions.

Impressive bladder indeed.

There was kind of a story too. I had to make a boy from the original fairy tale know about fear, which of course worked out in the end. Each scene had a presentation of the next fairy tale element in the story, but it wasn’t really necessary to learn this. Just walk around and be gross!

In the beginning, other citizens walking around could start sweeping the damage I had done, but as soon as I had moved a needle on a bar to even dirtier states, passing the same citizens turned them into something dark too – typically zombies. There were no enemies to deal with. Death was only in the form of dropping into water or lava, or jumping into fire.

It was all right, albeit very simple. I can’t imagine how this would be interesting for 23 episodes.


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