Developer: The Lemaitre Brothers | Released: 2022 | Genre: Adventure, Facile

In case you’re wondering – yes, I discovered this game in Jacob Geller’s YouTube video.

This was a free game on Steam. At first it seemed obvious why it was free – the textures were low res and the buildings very simple – often just blocks with a few ledges. Find a train ticket and escape the city. There were few persons to meet, and most didn’t have much to say.

But the more I explored the city almost entirely made out of cement, there was something about it that fascinated me more. It didn’t make all paths easy to find, especially not upwards. In the beginning I found a barking dog (with a high resolution mouth) and a few motorcycles for traversing faster. A few secret items for a collection quest. A torch. A trumpet that could have its scales rotated.

I even found three persons dancing to a silly tune on the radio in a sewer section.

The primitive city with its gray skyscraper buildings somehow created an unparalleled atmosphere. I got determined to find my way up to the highest point, at least to get that achievement. Somewhere halfway up the buildings, I found a leaf blower. It could blow me quite a bit upwards, and so it suddenly made it much easier to get up further. Then on the roof of the tallest building, I found something that made exploring the city even easier than that. I won’t spoil what it was, but it was worth getting up there to get it.

After failing to get a train ticket where it was obvious at first that I should get it, a second opportunity arose elsewhere in the city. I was even given a device for tracking it down fast. The train ticket made it possible to leave the city and complete the game. And that was that. Short, sweet and enjoyable.


  • An enormous city with lots of exploration to do, and you can sprint pretty fast.
  • There are motorcycles and later other devices to be found that makes exploration easier.
  • The persons to be found and their unintelligible voices works with the artsy indie style.
  • You won’t die or take damage from falling down from skyscrapers.
  • A collection quest for secret items that doesn’t overstay its welcome.


  • Very low res textures and simple polygons. It was deliberately made that way, but still.
  • Some first person jump puzzles can be tricky, at least until you get hold of certain devices.

If you like walking simulators and exploration games, go get this on Steam. It’s free.


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