PC Games

These are the PC games I’ve played, with links to blog posts where available. For the ones I have completed, there’s a good chance I have also made save game archives. See the page with Save Games for these.

This list only cover games up to July 2019. After this I decided to just settle with my list in GameDeed.

Question: Explain this table?

My PC gaming hobby began for real in about 2001. That’s why a few of the rows are grayed out – they were barely recorded in the 90’s and with almost none of the juicy details.

  • Colored letter icon: ? = Unknown, A = Abandoned, C = Completed, P = Paused, S = Stopped
  • Length is hours/minutes and/or number of sessions – a faded bar means an internet approximation (i.e. I don’t have my own length) and blue numbers that it’s from Steam (so probably exaggerated)
  • Dates is start to end dates (absolute span)
  • Difficulty is from easiest to hardest (my assessment of how hard the game felt)
  • Cheat (gray bar) is from 0 to 5, with 0 meaning no cheating at all
  • AS = Auto Save, CP = Checkpoints, LS = Limited Saves, MS = Mission Saves, SA = Save Anywhere
  • Rating is my score from 1 to 10, with 10 as excellent – an arrow up means the game has redeeming qualities, an arrow down that it was bland, and a red rating that it was frustrating
  • A small corner triangle in the rating box means there’s a tooltip – hover on it to see this

All the games in the list above are a mix of DOS and Windows games. I’ve also completed a few games on other formats, albeit very few. I really try to stick with PC games only.

On Amiga, I completed Zak McCracken and the Alien Mindbenders with my friend Axel. On PlayStation 2, I’ve completed Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance (with my friend Marc), ICO, and Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty. On iPad, I played Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP until my save games got wiped.

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