Associations: Teleporter Spheres

In Obduction, the excellent first person adventure game I completed last month, teleporting between domes replaced the matter in the shape of a small sphere. This explained when discovering other spheres of solid rock with crevices in them – even if some of them didn’t have a teleporter device in them.

Here are two examples from the game.

My mother has been admitted to the local hospital lately and I have been visiting her frequently. This is Gentofte Hospital, a flat kind of hospital that takes up a large area and has a lot of entrances. One of those close to the ward where my mother has been hospitalized has this spherical statue.

Can you blame me for thinking about the game whenever I walk past this sphere? It was probably raised years before the game was conceived and I’m pretty sure the game developers also didn’t know about the existence of it. But it’s a funny coincidence nonetheless.

If you look closely, you can see a face in there.

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