The Witcher: Season 2

Just finished watching the second season of The Witcher on Netflix.

  • Henry Cavill is still absolutely brilliant as Geralt. He really nails it.
  • The episode with the cursed boar guy felt like a side-quest in The Witcher 3, and I really liked that.
  • I didn’t like how they wrote Vesemir. In the game he was wise and competent, like a father figure for Geralt. In the show he was a bit of a bumbling fool and Geralt was the one that kept giving him advice. I also thought Kim Bodnia didn’t quite fit the role.
  • A bit too much fantasy politics for my liking.
  • They dyed Triss’ hair red. Good move.
  • The actress for Yennifer is okay, but I still think they should have found someone slightly older.
  • I really didn’t like how they “nerfed” Yennifer’s magic for most of the season. It felt it was something they wrote because she was too powerful and would have fixed many things too easily. Kind of like how they also treated some of the characters in the second season of Heroes.
  • It sometimes feels like almost everyone and his dog is a magician in this show.
  • I was hoping the dwarf from the games would pop up. Maybe next season?
  • They killed someone I never saw coming. Someone that was always there for Geralt in the games. I really wish they didn’t, but maybe they wanted to make it clear this is not the games.

Generally the season was okay but not fantastic. I also watched The Wheel of Time on Amazon Prime at the same time, and I liked that a lot better. More epic vistas and less fantasy politics.

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