Developer: Widdershins | Released: 2012 | Genre: Platform, Puzzle

Cute little puzzle platformer that only took me 1½ hours to get through. It’s free on Steam. User reviewers there claim it took them an hour or less to get through it. I also admit I was almost stuck a few times, but eventually I always figured it out. But take heed – this is no walk in the park.

The gimmick in this one was controlling the perspective for a 2D space guy. I switched between 3D mode for adjusting the perspective in first person, like lining up platforms close to each other, then switched back to controlling the space guy for jumping across. There were blue graphics for walking and jumping on, while all orange graphics killed the space guy if touched.

The levels were accessed through arcade machines and I had to reach a portal in the end. As always, the levels got harder and more ideas were mixed in, like rotating blocks or even swirling roofs. All tricks in the book had to be used, like zooming in to fit the guy in a tunnel, or jumping into the air and switching modes for freezing him, then changing the perspective for him to have something to land on.

And it had a really amusing ending that totally fooled me.


  • Smooth and easy to pick up and play.
  • Dying doesn’t reset the space guy back much, if at all.
  • Some really nice music in the background.
  • Ran smoothly in 4K resolution on my 8 years old PC.
  • A really cute ending.


  • Some levels can be challenging – you really have to think outside the box.

Again, it’s free. So if you like games like Portal, you should definitely play it.


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