Computer Timeline

This is most of my computer milestones, from the very beginning up until the present day. Lots of oldskool coding, composing chiptunes, Half-Life mapping, PC gaming, MMORPG, web development, and more.


Apr 7TI-99/4ABought a Texas Instruments TI-99/4A


Apr 2C64Bought a Commodore 64
Commodore 64


Commodore 64

Aug 10C64Started my C64 floppy disk collection (2500+ disks in 1993-94)
Oct 24C64Released SCROLL-DEMO (0215a) with Rob Hubbard music from “The Human Race”

Nov …C64My first blue top intro for New Men (0224a) with yellow sprite letters was used in cracks

Nov 1C64Released KOALA DEMO V1.2 (0336b) with one scroller and a frame version of a 3D logo

Nov 11C64Released DEACTIMUSIC (0336b) with static text and music ripped from “Deactivators”

Dec 5C64Released NM DEMO I (0336b) with two scrollers and a filled version of the 3D logo

Dec 16C64Released FLASH MUSIC (0336b) with static text and music ripped from the game

Dec 16C64Released ROB’S LAMENT (0336b) with static text and three versions of the same tune

Dec 18C64Released ACTION MUSIC (0336b) with static text and ripped music by Rob Hubbard

Dec 26C64Released DETERGENT (0121b) with static text and BOGG’s demo music


Aegis Sonix on Amiga + OldPlayer on Commodore 64

C64Released MIPSO PIC. (0336b) drawn by myself for an idea of a game

Feb …C64My second barrel rolling intro for New Men (0421a) with no music

Feb 27C64Released GUNPICCY II (0336b) Koala demo with a picture I drew myself

Mar 3C64Released KOALA-EDITOR V9 (0421a) demo editor with instructions and music rips

Mar 8C64Released THE NEGRO (0336b) Koala demo with another picture I drew myself

Apr …C64Started programming on the old music player series (OldPlayer)
Apr …C64Bought a 1200 baud modem
Apr 29AmigaBought my first Amiga 500 but without a monitor (initially black and white)
May …AmigaStarting using the note composer program Aegis Sonix on Amiga 500

Jun …C64 Excell New Men
Jul …C64Released five OldPlayer music demos (0497a) with a big side-border scroller

Aug …C64Released JCH 6-MAYDAY/ODE two-part demo (0497a) with a lot of scrolling effects

Aug …C64Worked on the KOALA-EDITOR V10 demo editor
Aug 10C64Converted the Aegis Sonix music “Ode to the 64” to OldPlayer on C64
Aug 15C64Met The Knight (later known as Rooze) for the first time
Aug 21C64Released CATPRINT V6.2 (0497a) written in part BASIC for cataloging floppy disks

Sep …C64 The Knight New Men
Sep 7C64Converted the Aegis Sonix music “September” to OldPlayer on C64
Sep 19C64Met Xerox for the first time (at that time called The Kid)
Nov …C64GroupNew Men Galaxy
Dec 22C64Converted the Aegis Sonix music “Big Bad X-Mas” to OldPlayer on C64


Laxity’s player and NewPlayer on Commodore 64

Feb …C64GroupGalaxy 2000 A.D.
Feb 19PartyAttended New Life’s Copy Party in Ålsgårde
Apr …C64Released ENJOYSTICK! (0830b) demo for 2000 A.D. with my “Yoko Tsuno” OldPlayer tune

Apr …C64Group2000 A.D. INXS (for a short while) Jewels
Apr 29C64Released GOLDEN OLDIES #1 (0851b) with a lot of old games and my own selector screen

May 7PartyJewels and I drove to the Orion/MCG Copy Party in Germany, but it was cancelled
May 23C64Jewels released -DEMO COLLECTION (0890a) where I made the last part “Rare Thing”

Jun …C64Met Scorpio of 2000 A.D. (give or take a month)
Jun …C64Reverse engineered Laxity’s C64 music player and started composing in it
Jun 30C64GroupJewels Wizax
Jun 30PartyAttended the Dexion Meeting in Nykøbing Sjælland
Jul …C64Started coding the first versions of NewPlayer (no editor yet)
Jul 1C64Released my unfinished GUNFIGHT- (0956a) preview game under the Wizax crack label

Jul 8PartyAttended the Jewels/Danish Gold/Dominators/Upfront Party in Tommerup
Aug …C64GroupWizax Dominators
Aug 27C64Released DOMINATION (1048a) demo for Dominators with looping sprites

Oct 6C64Released MY FAREWELL! (1261a) about not swapping cracks anymore

Oct 14C64My small intro for Dominators (1194a) featuring my own boring tune without drums

Oct 21PartyAttended the Hexagon Copy Party in Hillerød
Nov …C64Started coding the music editor v1 series with no sequences and test tunes 2.1 to 4.3

Dec …C64Started coding the music editor v2 series with sequences and test tunes 5.1 to 8.1


JCH Editor v2 on Commodore 64

C64GroupDominators Channel 42
C64Released Delux Driver v1.0 (1553b) for selecting and playing a NewPlayer tune

C64Released Delux Driver v2.0 (1683a) with an improved interface

C64Made the music and SFX for Super Oswald, a Danish game by SilverRock Productions

Jan …C64Created the sequenced music editor v2.45 and v2.51 with test tunes 10.2 and 11.1
Jan …C64Created NewPlayer v05.02 for my music editor
Feb …C64 Link started using JCH’s music editor
Mar 3C64Released JCH-SELEC #2 (1399a) music selector with all six tunes I made in Laxity’s player

Mar 17C64Released “Popcorn” made in NewPlayer v05.02
Mar 23PartyAttended the Ikari & Zargon Party in Slagelse
Apr …C64 JCH and Link made the music for Golddigger, a game by TEG that was never finished

Apr …C64Made the music and SFX for Tecnetium, a shoot’em up that was never finished

Apr …C64Created NewPlayer v06.01 for my music editor
May …C64GroupChannel 42 Ikari (I’m still not sure if this really happened!)
May …C64Created my sequenced music editor ED2.53/D13/09.01 (1522b)

May …C64Created NP-PACKER V2.5 (1522b) for packing the tunes made in the editor

May …C64Created RELOCATOR V1.1 (1522b) for relocating music made in the editor

May …C64Created SWAPPER V1.0 (1522b) for replacing the player for music made in the editor

Jun 26PartyAttended the 2000 A.D. Party in Esbjerg where Drax started using JCH’s editor
Jul …C64Made the music and SFX for Demo-Game, a game by Trap that was never finished

Aug …C64Released a Double Speed tune (1591a) with a tune called twice a frame

Aug …C64 JCH and Link came up with Vibrants as the name of our music group
Sep …C64Made four advertising Vibrants music demos (1591a) for the PCW show

Sep 27ShowAttended the PCW show in London together with the Danish division of Ikari
Nov …C64Made the music for Push-It, a Danish puzzle game that was never finished

Dec 26PartyAttended the Dominators/Upfront/Trilogy Party in Randers


Orcus and JCH Editor v3 on Commodore 64

Bought a Korg M1 synthesizer
C64Made some of the music for Perplex, a shoot’em up released in 1993 as Hermetic

Feb …C64Made the SFX for Push-It, a Danish puzzle game that was never finished

Feb …C64Released EASY TEXT V1 (1938a) as my take on a note writer

Mar …C64Made the basic music for Orcus, a shoot’em up that was never finished

Mar …C64Released Delux Driver v3.0 (1779a) once again changing the interface a bit

Apr 13PartyAttended the Horizon Easter Party in Stockholm
May …C64Made the level tunes and SFX for Orcus, a shoot’em up that was never finished

May …C64Created NewPlayer v14.G0 and v15.G0 for my music editor
Jun …C64Made the SFX for Chase H.Q. II, a racing game that Link made the music for

Jun 23C64The disk magazine Mamba #08 was released with a long interview of me in it
Jun 29PartyAttended the Bergen Party in an ice hockey hall in Bergen
Jul …C64Created NewPlayer v12.G3 and v15.G6 for my music editor
Jul …C64Made the SFX (v1) for Ballfever, a game for which Drax made the music

Jul …C64Made the SFX for Squareout, a game for which Drax made the music

Aug …C64Revised the SFX (v2) for Ballfever, a game for which Drax made the music

Aug …C64Made the SFX for Perplex, a shoot’em up released in 1993 as Hermetic

Aug …C64Made the SFX for Prince of Darkness, a game by Interactivision that was never finished

Aug …C64Made the SFX and part of the music conversion for Labyrint, a Danish game

Sep 9C64 Laxity joined Vibrants
Sep 13ShowAttended the ECE show II in London and met Deek
Oct …C64Made the loading tune for Orcus, a shoot’em up that was never finished

Oct 16C64Created NewPlayer v17.G1 for my music editor
Nov …C64Made the music conversion and SFX for Skærmtrolden Hugo, a Danish game

Nov 2PartyAttended the Censor Halloween Party in Gothenburg
Dec …C64Made the SFX (v1) for Lions of the Universe, but they were never used

Dec …C64Started coding the sequenced music editor v3 series using Einstein’s EASS Amiga utility
EASS Disks
Dec 26PartyAttended the Dexion X-Mas Conference in Odense
C64Released Delux Driver v4.0 (1948a) with only subtle changes


JCH Editor v3 on Commodore 64 + my first PC

C64Released Delux Driver v5.0 (2389a) again with only subtle changes

C64Made the SFX for Harald Hårdtand, a Danish game by SilverRock Productions

C64Made the music and SFX for Guldkorn Ekspressen, a game by SilverRock Productions

C64Made the music and SFX for Pitfighter, an arcade conversion by Teque London

C64Made the SFX for WWF WrestleMania, a licensed game by Twilight and Ocean

PCGot my first PC, a 33 MHz 80386 with a 89 MB hard disk, as payment for C64 music work
Jan …C64Made the title music and SFX for Brubaker, an adventure game by Byteriders

Jan …C64Revised the SFX (v2) for Lions of the Universe, but they were never used

Jan 13C64Created NewPlayer v17.Q? (quick player) for my music editor
Feb …C64Created NewPlayer v18.G0 for my music editor
Mar …C64Created NP-PACKER V5.3 for packing the tunes made in the v3 series of the editor

Mar …C64Created NewPlayer v19.G1 for my music editor
Mar …C64Made the music and SFX for Su Sweet, a puzzle game by Double Density

May …C64Created NewPlayer v20.G4 for my music editor (my last standard player on C64)
Jun 23C64Released BETTER LATE screen as my first SID tune with digi in it (an adapted NewPlayer)

Aug 11C64Released “Easy Does it” in my C64 digi player
Aug 16C64Created my final music editor ED3.04/D15/20.G4 using Einstein’s EASS Amiga utility

Nov …PCAdLibStarted coding the AdLib music player series on PC

Dec …PCAdLibMade the SFX for Hugo 2, part 1, a Danish PC game by ITE

Dec …PCAdLibConverted the Harald Hårdtand title, high score and jingles from C64
Dec …PCAdLibConverted Thomas Engell’s congratulations tune for Hugo 2, part 1 (MP3 here)

Dec 27PartyAttended The Party 1991 in Aars


AdLib and Sound Blaster on PC + Lollypop

Jan …PCAdLibConverted the Harald Hårdtand bonus tune from C64 (MP3 here)
Jan 13PCAdLibConverted Drax’s C64 tune “Gone…
Feb …PCAdLibMade the small test tunes “Synchro” and “Platest
Feb …PCAdLibConverted my own version of the C64 tune “Strike Force
Mar …PCAdLibMade the SFX for Hugo 2, part 2, a Danish PC game by ITE

Mar …PCAdLib + SBConverted Laxity’s C64 tune “The Alibi
Mar …PCAdLibStarted working on a prototype music editor for PC, initially called “Multi-Editor”
May 29PCAdLibConverted Laxity’s C64 tune “Stardream
Jun …PCAdLib + SBConverted Drax’s C64 tune “Crooner
Jun …PCAdLibConverted Drax’s C64 tune “Rolling
Jun …PCAdLib + SBPlay-Driver v2.00
Jul 30PCSBConverted Drax’s C64 tune “Gorgeous
Jul …C64Released the SFX “Crowdnoise” on C64 (my last SID production)
Jun …PCAdLibConverted Drax’s C64 tune “Filmzak
Aug 28PCAdLib + SB Play-Driver v2.02 with a collection of AdLib tunes (C64 conversions only)

Aug 31PCStarted coding the SirFace System, a DOS mode GUI for 640×480 in 16 colors
Nov …PCAdLibStarted working on the SFX for Lollypop, a PC platform game by Brain Bug

Dec 27PartyAttended The Party 1992 in Aars


SirFace System and EdLib

May …PCMy encrypted development hard disk crashed and I almost lost everything
Jul 5PCReleased SirFace System v1.00B for DOS to the public

Aug 10PCBought a Gravis Ultrasound for my PC (32 channels in 16-bit)
Sep …PCAdLibFirst version of my music editor EdLib (rev 39) with a better user interface
Nov …PCAdLibMade the test tune “Instrument Test #8” in EdLib
Dec …PCAdLibMade the test tune “Phase” in EdLib
Dec …PCGot my second PC, a 66 MHz 80486 DX2, for converting samples for SilverRock


EdLib and FairPlay

PCLollypop was released on the PC (and a year later also on the Amiga)
Lollypop (Splash)
Aug …PCStarted working on the SFX samples for Hugo 2 “Scuba” and “Ice Cavern”
Sep …PCCreated various MOD and sample players such as PlayMod, GusPlay and VocPlay
Nov …PCReleased FairPlay v1.1, a MOD player for PC using the SirFace System GUI

Nov 10PCReleased SirFace System v1.04B for DOS to the public (last version)
Dec 20PCAdLibReleased EdLib v1.05a for DOS (first and only public release)

Dec 27PartyAttended The Party 1994 in Herning


FastTracker II

Apr 4Moved to my own apartment in Vangede Bygade, Gentofte
Jul …PCFT2Released “Memories” and “Commercial Rhythm” in FastTracker II
Aug …PCFT2Released “Thunderwaves” in FastTracker II (Trap made the first three patterns)


FastTracker II

PCCame online on the internet and also started using Windows 95
Feb …PCStopped coding assembler (last bit of code was for the SirFace System GUI)
Feb …PCFT2Released “Heaven Revived“, “Superhero Music” and “Acid Jazz” in FastTracker II
Feb 2PCRooze and I bought a SyQuest EZ135 drive (133.9 MB space on each disk)
Mar …PCFT2Released “Ara” in FastTracker II (originally created in summer 1995)
Mar …PCFT2Made the work tunes “Cute Tune“, “Drum Test” and “Weird Drums” in FastTracker II
Aug …PCFT2Made the work tune “Erik Instrument Test” in FastTracker II
Sep 21PCBought a new PC, a 133 MHz with 16 MB RAM and 1 GB hard disk, from Zitech
Nov …PCFT2Made the work tune “Guard” in FastTracker II
Dec …PCFT2Made the work tune “Bambi Funk” in FastTracker II


FastTracker II

Feb …PCFT2Converted the C64 tune “Task III Hiscore” to FastTracker II
Feb …PCFT2Made the work tunes “Jolly Game Console Tune” and “Stardust” in FastTracker II
Mar 10PCBought a Matrox Mystique 3D with 4 MB RAM (my first graphics card with 3D acceleration)
Jun …PCFT2Made the work tune “My Dog is Dead” in FastTracker II
Jul …PCFT2Released “Pylon” (originally created in 1995) and “Starring” in FastTracker II
Aug …PCFT2Made the work tune “Calvin Shuffle” and released “Simple Does It” in FastTracker II
Sep …PCFT2Made the work tunes “Fuse Intro“, “Joey Folky” and “Orchy” in FastTracker II
Sep …PCStarted experimenting with MIDI music in Cakewalk (until November)
Nov 11PartyThe first of many LAN parties playing various multiplayer games on PC
Dec …PCFT2Released “Little Zig” in FastTracker II
Dec 27PartyAttended The Party 1997 in Aars


FastTracker II

PC MSK joined Vibrants
Feb …PCFT2Released “Pinocchio” in FastTracker II
Mar 27WebBought the domain name for
Apr 6WebFirst web site launched, designed by MSK

Jul 7PCBought a new PC, a 350 MHz Pentium II with 2×32 MB SDRAM
Aug …PCFT2Released “Dim Jingle” in FastTracker II (last officially released FT2 tune)

Sep …PCFT2Made the work tune “Sweet Kettle” in FastTracker (last tune in FT2)
OctPCExperimented with MIDI music in Cubase VST
Dec 27PartyAttended The Party 1998 in Aars (my last party)


Started Half-Life mapping

Decided to stop all musical activities
Feb 2PCUpgraded a secondary 133 MHz PC to another (used) 233 MHz PC instead
Oct 30PCBought a new PC, a 450 MHz PC with 64 MB SDRAM, to replace the old 233 MHz PC
Nov 11Got ISDN via TeleDanmark
Nov 14HLBegan creating maps in Worldcraft for Half-Life

Nov 26HLStarted recreating my own apartment in a Half-Life map


Half-Life mapping

Feb 9HLLargely finished the Half-Life map “Vangede“, a recreation of my apartment

Oct 8WebLaunched my JCHQ web site with a heavy focus on Half-Life mapping

Dec 13GamesFinished playing Gunman Chronicles which began an obsessive gaming hobby


Obsessive PC gaming

Jan 16HLFinished my enormous “Xevious” Half-Life map

Mar 23PCBought a new PC, a 1.2 Ghz AMD Athlon Thunderbird with 256 MB 133 MHz RAM
Sep 14HLReleased the unfinished Half-Life map “Sphox” and ended the hobby

Jun 1Got a ADSL+ modem via Mobilix with a speed of 1024/256 kbps
Sep 7Replaced the ADSL+ modem with a real router from Orange

Dec 30GamesFinished the last game in 2001 (see this blog post for a gallery with my ratings)


Obsessive PC gaming

Mar 22PS2Bought a PlayStation 2 for a short period of time (decided to not be a console gamer)
Jun 10Upgraded from a 17″ monitor to a 19″ NEC FE950+ monitor
Dec 29GamesFinished the last game in 2002 (managed to complete a total of 79 games)


Obsessive PC gaming

Jul …WebSecond (blue) web site launched, designed by MSK
Jul 11PCBought a new PC, a 2.7 GHz PC with Windows XP
Dec 28GamesFinished the last game in 2003 (managed to complete a total of 55 games)


Obsessive PC gaming

Dec 30GamesFinished the last game in 2004 (managed to complete a total of 48 games)


MMORPG and PC gaming

Jan 11WebMozilla Firefox became my favorite web browser
Feb 11MMOStarted playing World of Warcraft as it was launched in Europe

Dec 28GamesFinished the last game in 2005 (completed 12 games but mostly played MMO)


MMORPG and PC gaming

Jan 20MMOStarted playing EverQuest II (almost shared time equally with World of Warcraft)

Sep 4Started using Chordian as my new handle e.g. in games and on the internet
Oct 2WebBought the domain name for
Oct 10WebLaunched my web site under my new handle (with focus on conquered games)

Dec 28GamesFinished the last game in 2006 (completed 28 games but mostly played MMO)


MMORPG and PC gaming

Mar 26Web Metal (Torben Hansen) talked me into recreating the web site

Aug 19Sold my Korg M1 synthesizer (didn’t use it anymore)
Oct 3PCBought a luxurious new Zepto laptop, a 2.4 GHz dual core with 2 GB 800 MHz RAM
Dec 23GamesFinished the last game in 2007 (completed 21 games but mostly played MMO)



Jan 1MMOPlayed EverQuest II again (almost shared time equally with World of Warcraft again)
Aug 5WebLogged into Facebook for the first time (LTTP)
Aug 19Bought a Roland E-09 keyboard (didn’t use it much and eventually sold it to Laxity)



Mar 3MMOStarted playing Lord of the Rings Online seriously (briefly tried it at launch)

Jun 16PCBought a new desktop PC, a 3 GHz i7-950 with 12 GB DDR3 RAM (Windows Vista)
Aug 18WebBought the domain name for
Sep 27WebStarted learning jQuery for web development



Jul 29WebMoved to the web hotel


Blogging, MMORPG and PC gaming

Jan 1WebLaunched Chordian II, now a WordPress blog with my own “Anachronox” theme in 2011
Mar 4MMOStarted playing Rift

Jun 27GamesStarted playing single-player games again albeit not as obsessively as I once did
Jul 1WebStopped my WordPress blog and degraded the web site to just a simple placeholder
Jul 27Bought my first iPad (soon my preferred way of surfing the internet)
Oct 26PCMy luxurious Zepto laptop PC was stolen

Dec 20MMOStarted playing Star Wars: The Old Republic



Feb 13WebStarted coding “Project Belt” which would later become GameDeed
Apr 24WebLogged into Twitter for the first time (LTTP)
Jun 22WebBought the domain name which also finally decided the name

Aug 1WebReleased the first version of the GameDeed web site on the internet


Back to blogging

Mar 26PCStarted learning Python for use at work
Jul 1WebLaunched my second attempt at a WordPress blog (THIS) with my own “Olivi” theme
Aug 6PCBought a new PC, a 3 GHz i7-5960X with 16 GB DDR4-2133 RAM (Windows 10)


SID comeback

Feb 18SIDCCReleased “Electric Toothbrush” made in CheeseCutter (my first SID tune in 25 years)
Feb 21Bought a small Yamama Reface CP keyboard for testing chords and melodies
Yamaha CP Unboxed
Feb 27WebReleased the CheatCutter Revision 1 overlay image for CheeseCutter 2.8

Mar 17SIDCCReleased “Downtown” made in CheeseCutter
Apr 15SIDCCReleased “Bogstihyde” made in CheeseCutter
Oct 8WebFroze general development of GameDeed after years of low web site traffic



Jan 26PCBought a 32″ Acer Predator XB321HK monitor with G-Sync
Feb 6SIDGT2Released “One Knight Stand” made in GoatTracker 2 (my first tune in it)

Feb 24BlogReleased Comparison of C64 Music Editors along with a blog post about it
Mar 3SIDCCFinished the intro tune “Tyne” made in CheeseCutter (later used in VN #70 Headlines)

Mar 14WebHad an idea for an online web SID player which would later become DeepSID
Mar 21WebAlmost gave up on the new web SID player then discovered the emulator WebSid
May 12WebReleased the first version of the DeepSID web site on the internet

Sep 17SIDGT2Finished “Alligator” in GoatTracker 2 (later used in Vandalism News #68)
SidBlaster Tic Tac
Oct 8PCBought a SidBlaster Tic Tac device with a USB connection and put an 8580 chip in it


DeepSID and SID Factory II

Jul 17SF2 Laxity released the first alpha build of SID Factory II in Bonzai’s private Facebook group

Aug 13WebBought the domain name for that just redirects for the time being


SID Factory II

Apr 3SIDCCReleased “Children” mostly made in CheeseCutter in June 2019
Apr 20SIDCCFinished “[REDACTED]” in CheeseCutter (Bonzai may use it in a future production)
May 19SF2Invited to a Bonzai workspace in Slack and started working on SID Factory II with Laxity
Jun 3SIDSF2Released “All Around The World” made in SID Factory II (my first tune in it)
Jun 4SF2 Laxity and I decided to go BETA with SID Factory II and I created a Facebook group for it

Jun 11SF2Starting coding a file converter for SID Factory II in C++ (learning it in the process)
Jul 3SF2First release of my standalone SF2Converter for SID Factory II

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