Comparison of C64 Music Editors

I have created a large HTML table that compares a lot of music editors on the Commodore 64.


You can use it for a ton of things. How much CPU time does a player from that editor use? How many SID chips does it support? Does it have multispeed? How many instruments can it have? Does it have this or that feature in a table? Almost anything you can imagine, this table aims to deliver.

Discussion threads: Facebook, CSDb, Lemon 64, Reddit,


March 8, 2018: Double-checked and updated player sizes and rasterline numbers.
March 4, 2018: Added DefleMask 0.12.0.
March 2, 2018: Added capability rows for arpeggio and vibrato in the Player section.
March 1-2, 2018: Added capability rows for pulsating and filtering in the Player section.
February 28, 2018: Used SIDDump to measure and update some of the rasterline numbers.
February 27, 2018: An Unsticky Table button can now be used if the table won’t display properly.
February 26, 2018: Added SidTracker 64 1.0.3.
February 25, 2018: Added DMC 5.0.
February 24, 2018: First version with 10 editors.

Final update: This table will no longer be updated with additional editors or newer editor updates. Most of its information has been moved to the list of editors in DeepSID instead.

13 comments on “Comparison of C64 Music Editors

  1. Great work!
    Here are some clarifications/suggestions for the Blackbird column:
    Subtunes: No
    Player noteworthy: Stream from disk
    CPU time: Max 18 rasterlines
    Legato/tie note: Yes (clear instr column)
    Specify finetune: Set in FX table
    Chord/Arp/Freq additional effects: Finetune, vibrato

  2. Thanks.

    I’ve updated the table with your suggestions, except the one about legato. I think it already indicates that it’s set in the instrument column? (It’s in the section about the note column.)

  3. Hi JCH!

    Just a little note about sid duzz it:

    Arpeggio, Glide, Vibrato,
    Attack, Sustain, Release
    Filter on/off.

    (You can’t set Decay)

  4. For most of them, yes.

    It’s even in the table – look in the Package section, there’s a Documentation row. Most editors have documentation with them in the archive, and many also have built-in help pages as well.

  5. Hello! I’ve provided you a different and more extensive version of DMC docs via Chipmusic forum.

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