SID: One Knight Stand

Here’s my first GoatTracker SID tune in standard PAL speed. It was made for the 8580 SID chip.

The bass drum instrument is not quite as sharp in the packed tune as it was in GoatTracker. Perhaps it was the packer that messed with this – I’ve had similar difficulties with my own packer back in the day. Does anyone know how to match that in the packed tune?

Here’s the DeepSID entry if you want to listen to the SID file itself.

Here’s a YouTube video recorded on real C64 hardware:

And here’s the discussion about it on Facebook.

3 comments on “SID: One Knight Stand

  1. Don’t forget it’s emulation as well vs actual SID. Make sure to check if it sounds the same on actual C64 during composing, is what I do.

  2. Yes, testing it on a real C64 would be ideal but alas I don’t have one at the moment. (Actually I have a C128 in the cellar but it’s buried beneath a billion cardboard boxes.) As long as the tune is not made for a C64 production but just released as standalone, I can live with that.

    Luckily someone always makes a YouTube video recorded on a real C64 shortly afterwards. The packed tune sounds about the same there.

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