Developer: The Fullbright Company | Released: 2017 | Genre: Adventure, Facile

I’d say this is one of the best of its kind, if you’re into walking simulators facile adventures.

As a female investigator I arrived at a big space station orbiting Earth. A crew of six had gone missing after a breach of oxygen and loss of communication, and it was my job to find out what happened. But due to the nature of this genre, it was pretty much devoid of actual puzzles or action.

I could enter three major sections of the space station in a specific order and play back AR recordings of the ghostly appearances of the crew members. It was even possible to rewind and fast forward while walking between their spacetime placeholders. Sometimes I could access their AR logs and mail system too. The only thing that required a little bit of attention was if a 4-digit code for a door was revealed.

I bet this game would be great with Virtual Reality goggles.

Spoiler: Observations

  • That sure was a spartan game menu. White text on a black background. That’s it.
  • Nice idea having to wait for data to be uploaded to a device that only reaches 100% when everything has been explored in that area. When getting back to the device and seeing it at 100%, I knew I was done there and had to find the next area.
  • There were punching bags in the fitness center. I could punch them.
  • Lots of smiling to be had when reading the magazine page with a crosswords puzzle.
  • I wonder how the crew members drifted around in zero gravity? That’s actually very difficult!


  • Very detailed and pretty graphics, with lots of objects to gaze at.
  • The voice acting for the colorful placeholder actors is excellent across the board.
  • Sensible user interface and controls.


  • Don’t expect any puzzles. The only thing you need to do is to look out for 4-digit codes.
  • Prepares the ground for multiple endings but only appears to have one.


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