Developer: Random Seed Games | Released: 2015 | Genre: Adventure, Facile

A very short walking simulator facile adventure. It took me about 66 minutes to get through it.

I spawned in the middle of a big desert area and had to find more than a dozen points of interest. Usually temples, cities and huge statues with an object to click for a screen of white text. Time was slowed down significantly and that gave me a few minutes to seek out two or three of the points before an asteroid brought upon the apocalypse. It was not possible to visit all points in one session alone.

Oh, the irony. I just came from Outer Wilds, another game that gave me limited time to explore before a celestial event annihilated everything – forcing me to start over again.

Now, the day after, I happened to play another game with the exact same core idea.

The game was a nice and relaxing experience. The polygon design of the beige desert, the excellent lighting, and especially the soothing music made it worth the price of admission.

Spoiler: Observations

  • There is no title screen and no options. I was just dropped in the temple.
  • Holding down Space revealed all the points of interest I had to visit. It wasn’t a map, though.
  • At one point, pressing Space while running across the desert crashed the game.


  • A relaxing experience with stylized graphics in a slow motion desert.
  • Soothing music, sometimes subdued and zen, sometimes with a guitar playing.
  • Each point of interest has an object revealing more about the inhabitants now gone.


  • You have to watch the asteroid hit several times before you get to visit all points of interest.
  • Not much to do outside finding points of interest. Maybe take a few screenshots.


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