Verde Station

Developer: Duelboot | Released: 2014 | Genre: Adventure, Facile

This one barely took an hour to get through – I almost put it in a Short Sessions blog post instead.

It felt crude and simple in the beginning, like a small fan mission for e.g. Half-Life. I woke up in a space station – all alone of course – and walked from a bedroom to a greenhouse, then to a lounge, the kitchen, and back into the greenhouse. I was about to quit at that point, but then I noticed that something was different. Turned out that time had passed when looping through the sections.

This immediately made the experience more interesting. I kept circling around in the sections to observe the changes. This led to a new location and a surprise. And as a free game, I’d say the surprise is worth giving it a shot – just don’t expect awesomeness.

Spoiler: Observations

  • The sound was missing at first. I had to fiddle with the audio in the settings to make it work.
  • Lots of terminal menu stuff testing the sections, switching power on and off, etc.
  • That was a tacky walking sound.
  • To make the domino rows of books start tumbling, I had to drop a book on the first one.
  • In the lounge I could put a floppy disk in the computer and read some text. I wonder how many from Generation Z understands this connection?
  • I liked the surprises – yes, there were two in a row. The first one revealed the outside of the space station to be a stage as I rebooted everything, making it all seem fake. But when I popped out of the airlock from this stage, I actually dropped into space after all. Neat turnaround.


  • The surprise at the end makes it worth playing as it’s free on Steam.
  • Some interesting things to try out in the terminals, like simulated DOS commands.


  • Mediocre graphics and sound effects.
  • Feels like a fan mission for a commercial game.
  • Virtually no puzzles except for finding one easy 4-digit code.
  • It shouldn’t even take you an hour to complete it.


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